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Clinical Studies Say Magnetic Water
Eliminates Bacteria & Toxins

Using Magnetic Water Increases Your Immune System, Eliminates Poisonous TOXINS and Kills Bacteria Including Fungus, Athlete’s Foot, Many Skin Diseases And MUCH MORE So WHY NOT Take More Magnetic Showers and Drink more Magnetic Water. In fact when you take a shower start to gargle with the Hot Magnetic Water. There are 10,000 reasons to take Magnetic Showers and Drink Magnetic Water.



  • Our body is over 70% water. All biological functions including circulation, digestion, absorption, and excretion depend on water. Water is required for blood, the lymphatic system, and for healthy skin and muscles. It is well known among health professionals that the pH of our body is more acidic when we are sick. Magnetized water, which is more alkaline, raises the pH of our body, which allows the body to get rid of the toxins. Bio-magnetized water is believed to be energy-building, activating, cleansing, and detoxifying.
  • Water is paramagnetic—meaning that it will hold a magnetic charge. In nature, the earth’s magnetic field naturally charges water in lakes, wells, and running streams. However, as water passes through the treatment plants and is transported through pipes, it loses its magnetic charge. Treating water with magnetic fields simply restores the natural energy and balance that nature intended. Magnetized water has more hydroxyl (OH-) ions that form alkaline molecules which reduce the acidity. Normal tap water has a pH of about 7. Magnetized water is more alkaline and can have a pH as high as 9.2. Magnetizing water reduces the surface tension of the water making it feel softer. It is thinner, wetter, and more absorbable, so it is better able to penetrate cell walls and deliver the nutrients that it carries.
  • Magnetism is well known in the field of physics. Magnets prove to be strong safeguard against illness and serve as a highly beneficial preventive device. It is known to have the power of drawing pain out from the body, of relieving stiffness of joints and muscles, and of removing toothache immediately.
  • When water passes through the magnetic field, it undergoes certain changes. The magnetic field alters the electrical characteristics of hydrogen ions as well as minerals.
  • The bio-south magnets help in reducing scale buildup. The bio-north magnetic water is used in the treatment of various diseases. The bio-south magnetic field stimulates the system.
  • The force of magnetism has a great influence on living organism. When a permanent magnet is kept in continuous contact with water, for considerable time, the water is not only influenced by the magnetic flux of magnet but also becomes magnetized and acquires magnetic properties. Such magnetized water has its effect on human body when taken internally, regularly for a considerable period. Best results are achieved when water is magnetically treated just prior to use.
  • Biological effect of static magnetic field was investigated by using ferrite magnets to conduct a magnetic field exposure experiment on three species of bacteria: S. mutans, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli. The results showed that the ferrite magnet caused strength-dependent decrease in the growth rate and growth of maximum number of bacteria for S. mutans and S. aureus when cultured under anaerobic conditions, but that their growth was not inhibited under aerobic conditions.3If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.



Each Unit Can Be Use By The Whole Family! Over 65 Million Dollars Sold In Europe THROUGH WORD OF MOUTH! Hated By Pharmacies In Europe ! BIG PHARMA TRIED TO DESTROY THEM! ARE YOU SICK? YOU NEED ONE! ARE YOU


MagneLIFE Liquid Enhancer

  • MAGNELIFE has the exclusive marketing right from The Manufacturer of The Magnetic Liquid Enhancer. MAGNELIFE nor The Manufacturer makes any health claims. There are thousands of testimonials but the only ones that matter to you will be your testimony. We suggest you purchase the Magnetic Liquid Enhancer and see the wonderful results for yourself.
  • It is called The Magnetic Liquid Enhancer because it enhances all liquids you pour through it. Everything from water to alcohol (except beer). You especially notice it with wine and vodka. Not that we encourage anyone to drink too much. However, if you do drink alcohol you should pour it through the Magnetic Liquid Enhancer. Stand it upside down by your source of water. You cannot store magnetized water for more than a few hours. Always use non-metallic containers. No aluminum, brass or any type of metal containers just defeat the purpose. It will still taste ok, but any metal will reduce many of the potential health benefits.
  • For legal and insurance reasons we must say to check with your doctor or health professional prior to using if you’re pregnant or on medication. Some on medications when taking with magnetic water may need to adjust the dosage since the Magnetic Liquid Enhancer enhances medications. In the 25 years of using these products there has never been an incident.
  • Warning: do not place your Magnetic Liquid Enhancer on your computer, your TV, directly on your pacemaker (meaning do not do the pledge allegiance with it in your hand). LOL. It may also erase audio or video tapes. (bet Nixon would have loved one of these) LOL.
  • We have been told by many that it helped with reflux. Many who could not drink Orange Juice can now do so after pouring it through the Magnetic Liquid Enhancer. Pour soda through it to reduce carbonation. Many say it takes away the after taste of soft drinks. You can taste the smoothness in coffee, teas, ice coffee or iced tea.
  • The force of magnetism has a great influence on living organism. When a permanent magnet is kept in continuous contact with water, for considerable time, the water is not only influenced by the magnetic flux of magnet but also becomes magnetized and acquires magnetic properties. Such magnetized water has its effect on human body when taken internally, regularly for a considerable period. Best results are achieved when water is magnetically treated just prior to use.
  • Biological effect of static magnetic field was investigated by using ferrite magnets to conduct a magnetic field exposure experiment on three species of bacteria: S. mutans, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli. The results showed that the ferrite magnet caused strength-dependent decrease in the growth rate and growth of maximum number of bacteria for S. mutans and S. aureus when cultured under anaerobic conditions, but that their growth was not inhibited under aerobic conditions.3If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


  • When you take it out of the box it is ready to use. Just remove the FUNNEL CLEANER and store it in a kitchen drawer to use from time to time. 95% of the time you only need to rinse it out when you pour liquids other than water through it.
  • When using the Liquid Enhancer Hold it over whatever you are going to pour the liquid into. When trying to show yourself or someone else a demonstration. Pour half of whatever coffee, tea, wine, orange juice, grape juice, apple and many other liquids. Let them taste what you pour through the Liquid Enhancer first. Tell them to swish it around and take a second sip of taste. Then have them taste the half you did not pour through the Liquid Enhancer. When you demo coffee or tea fix it with whatever you put into it first. Then pour it through.
  • About once a week take the funnel apart by unscrewing the tip. Run the cleaning brush through the tip back and forth. The funnel will only go in the proper way so there is no room for error. It is ok to wash in the dishwasher. Be careful with the tip of the funnel do not lose it. It will not work properly without it. When storing on a counter upside down. Place it on a folded paper towel.

MagneLife Shower Vitalizer

  • MAGNELIFE nor The Manufacturer Of The Magnetic Shower Vitalizer makes any health claims. There are thousands of testimonials but the only ones that matter to you will be your testimony. We suggest you purchase the Magnetic Liquid Enhancer and see the wonderful results for yourself.
  • It is called The Magnetic Shower Vitalizer because of its vital benefits in everything you water. Everything from your body, your pets, your flowers, your grass, your soaps, shampoos and literally everything including washing your car. It also allows you to use less of everything especially soaps, shampoos and cleaning products.
  • When using in the shower put a washcloth over the drain or a rubber drain cover and let the water build up over your feet. It improves how your feet look and feel. Men get a mirror for your shower because you are going to love shaving in the shower. Still use shaving creams but the before and after watering of your face is awesome. Literally after 10 days or even less you are going to notice improvements in your skin, hands and feet. Aches, pains, soreness, headaches, backaches and many types of pains get relief from the magnetic shower water.
  • The magnetic shower is not for drinking water because the gauss is about 3x’s stronger. Although it is not dangerous in anyway it may give you flatulence (gas). For drinking water use the Magnetic Liquid Enhancer. However, the magnetic shower water is great for plants, flowers, grass anything that needs watering.
  • The magnetic shower softens water like a water softener without the use of salt. Great for animals, pets and horses show amazing results for their bodies and their coat of hair. Some have said they feel as if the horse even runs faster.


  • When you remove it from the box it is already assembled to put onto your shower pipe. You may need a tool to remove your shower head. The Magnetic Shower Vitalizer goes on by hand. There is a washer already in the connection between the white Italian Shower Head and the Magnetic Unit. There is also another washer in the female part of the shower unit which attaches to your shower pipe.
  • Be careful not to strip the inside of the female connector. Make sure the male pipe screwing into the shower unit is clean and not defective. Some may wish to put Teflon Leak Tape on the metal pipe coming out of the wall of your shower.
  • Do not attached a wandor hose onto the shower unit unless it’s 100% non-magnetic material. For therapeutic benefits you MUST use the white plastic shower head or any shower head that’s 100% plastic.
  • If you plan to remove it and put it back on. Be careful not to strip the inside. That is not under warranty since it would be the fault of the installer.
  • For best results cover the metal drain with a washcloth or a rubber drain pad/cover. Let the water build up over your feet. If you are standing in a tub for your shower always be careful to prevent slipping or falling.
  • Men put a mirror if possible, in the shower you are going to want to shave with magnetic water. You still use shaving cream but it’s a better shave.
  • Sunburn or when you touch something and get a small burn. Run it under the shower water ASAP.
  • Brush your teeth with the shower water, you will notice benefits of washing your hair in magnetic water. Soap, shampoos and conditioners go further with less.
  • Many men have dry elbows and after a few weeks they are silky smooth. Use the magnetic shower water to water your plants.



Paul is a Global Team Leader. Paul Morris is a top network marketer and trainer who has been building marketing organizations for the last 50 years. He is known as the mentor’s mentor. He is a former Amway Executive Diamond and has been #1 in the nation with several network marketing companies. Paul has built several organizations to in excess of fifty and one hundred thousand distributors. One organization was approaching one half million distributor /customers. Paul has held monthly volumes in his downline organization alone in excess of 15 million dollars per month. Many people ‘practice what they preach,’ but it is said of Paul, that Paul ‘preaches what he practices’ and has practiced his entire life.


Paul’s hobby is growing organic vegetables in his own back yard. He encourages people to “grow what they eat and eat what they grow.” On the social/spiritual side of life Paul has spent much of his free time in Scouting, Jail and Prison Ministry and other outreach ministries. He is happily married and the father of three children and has seven grandchildren. Whether it is a group of 14 in a living room or a crowd of 14,000 in an auditorium, Paul is sure to have them laughing, crying, and ultimately motivated and inspired to become all of that which they are capable of becoming. Paul’s philosophy is that success in this industry is not measured by the dollars you earned but rather by the lives you have touched and influenced in a positive way.


You may not know me, as a matter of fact you most likely don’t know me. I have no idea if you were successful or a complete failure at the previous program(s) you worked, but that does not matter because this one is different from any program(s) you may have done in the past.

The problem with many programs is there was no value for the exchange of money to join so that when someone realized that none of their friends were sucker enough to join and ended up enrolling no one, or the company grabbed the money and ran, they were out their $50 or $500 or $1,000 or $5,000 or more and had absolutely NOTHING to show for it.

So, what if there was a program that gave you and your friends enormous value for their participation and you get paid instantly, (5 seconds or less) , and you had control of your money at all times, and you received a value more than double your purchase. And everyone could afford to participate, and they all got more than double their value, even if they never recruited a soul! Sound too good to be true? Well it is true, and it is even better than we are telling you.


You have all heard throughout your lifetime the mantra “you can do it!” And there is enough evidence that you CAN do it simply from all the examples that ‘others have done. You can do it! By Paul Morris it’, and if they have done it, then so can you. Even the good book says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. There are people who are blind that have become very successful, people who are hearing impaired and yes even paraplegics and quadriplegics and the best example is one person you may have met or at least seen his YouTube videos, who was born with no arms and no legs and travels all over the face of the earth giving motivational talks and encouraging people spiritually.

So, the question should never be CAN you do it? Of course, you can! The question therefore is WILL you do it? Riddle: Three frogs sat on a lily pad. Two decided to jump in the pond. (All three knew they could jump in the pond – but only two decided to jump in the pond), so, how many are left on the lily pad? Invariably everyone answers there is one left. But the answer is ALL three are left on the lily pad because two of them only decided to jump in the pond; they did not take action. They may have even intended to jump in the pond and perhaps eventually would have jumped in the pond, someday. But without action they are still sitting on that lily pad. You can know you CAN do it, you may even DECIDE to do it, you may even intend to do it, but still have nothing happen if you don’t take action. Taking action is an act of the will; a choice to do something immediately with no delay. So, can you be a huge success in Network Marketing? Absolutely. The choice is yours and it is entirely up to you to take the action to make things happen. Action that will lead to success is quite simple… “TALK TO PEOPLE” – Get passionate about that which you are doing and share your story.

“If the story gets told, the product gets sold” Your product may be your product line or your business opportunity or a combination of both. Your job is to use the product and become a product of the product and have your testimonial to tell others. If it is owning a home-based business that is your main product you are promoting, then develop your business testimonial and start telling your story. If you do not have a story to tell yet, then share your vision and tell stories of the success of your upline leaders and other top performers in your company. You cannot control how many people enroll at each presentation or how many will enroll out of every five ‘one on one’ presentations, but you can control how many times you make presentations. A presentation may be in person, or via Skype, Zoom or simply sending a video for the prospect to watch. It all boils down to giving presentations. You CAN control how may emails you send out, you CAN control how many phone calls you make, you CAN control how many business cards or names and phone numbers of prospects you collect each day.

So, take the ACTION to do as many of these business building functions as possible in your daily schedule. Join Networking Groups, Attend events. Build your Network. Your Network will determine your Net worth. However, your success, your wildest dreams becoming a reality, your freedom, your financial independence is all up to you and you WILLING to do what you know you can do. Can you do it? Yes. Will you do it? That is up to you!


In order to be successful in Network Marketing you must BELIEVE!

Believe in the company! Read articles about the owners of the company, the history of the company and read the company’s mission statement. Find out what causes they support. The more you learn about the company, the greater your belief in the company.

Believe in the product! Use the company’s product(s). Become a product of the product. The more you use the product(s) and experience the results, the greater your belief in the product(s). You can read all sorts of personal testimonies, but there is nothing more powerful than your own personal experience. Your WOW experience will become a part of your story in telling others about the product(s).

Believe in yourself! Read self help books like “How I raised myself from failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger, and “The Magic of Think BIG” by David Schwartz. The more books like this that your read, the greater will be your belief in yourself. The greater your belief in your company, your products and yourself, the more confidence you will have to build the business.

BELIEF gives you POWER: If you can believe, ALL things are possible to they who believeth.” Mark 9:23 BELIEF makes thing happen: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and BELIEVE, man CAN achieve!” The Power of BELIEF during a presentation: Two people meet for a presentation. The presenter believes this is perfect for their prospect… The prospect believes this is NOT for them. “Whoever has the greatest belief will win.” Once you develop a strong belief that you can do a thing, the “how to” will come to you. When others see how strongly you believe in what you are doing, then they begin to also believe in what you are doing and be willing to join or support you. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, (either way) you’re right.” We can easily substitute the word think with the word BELIEVE. Therefore, based on this fundamental principle, “Dare to think BIG and BELIEVE you can do great and mighty things, because believing you can will be the force that allows you to do so.”

Paul Morris Belief is so powerful that it even works in health and wellness situation. When drugs are tested, the doctors create two test groups; one group to get the actual medicine and the other group to get the placebo. Interestingly enough, in many cases the group that receives the placebo heals faster with no side effects than the group that received the actual medicine. It is called the Placebo effect and people actually became well, because they believed the medicine they were taking would make them well, yet the medicine had nothing to do with it. It was their belief that they would get well that caused them to get well. There are books written on this subject and hundreds of examples. One such book is “You are the Placebo”, by Joe Dispenza, if you are interested in learning more about the owner of belief as it relates to our own health and wellness. Obviously, if it works so well in that area of our life it will work in other areas as well. Faith and belief are twins, the greater your faith the greater your belief. With faith and believe you can do, achieve and accomplish anything you set your mind on. So, begin to dream big dreams and convert them into big goals because you can have whatever you desire once you BELIEVE! Therefore, CHOOSE TO BELIEVE!


Does it take luck to be successful in Network Marketing?An assumption is often made and ultimately begs the question… “Does it take luck to be successful in Network Marketing?” After 50 years of building some of the largest Network Marketing organizations in the world, my conclusion is, absolutely not! What may to the novice ‘appear’ to be luck is far from any game of chance you will find in Las Vegas. What may appear to be an overnight success for someone may be the culmination of many years of developing people skills and establishing relationships with people and creating an invisible network of communication with friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, and people in general. So, when this person joins a credible Network Marketing Company, they call in their chips, so to speak, and contact their friends asking them to take a look at their new business opportunity or product line. Having an existing relationship with all of these people and having created a relationship where the people in this circle of influence, know, like, and trust them makes for fertile ground for introducing your offer to a group willing to listen and likely get involved because they would enjoy working with that person.

Recently I met a person who joined a company and reached a high award levelgenerating 10,000 dollars in volume in only 21 days. The interesting thing was that this woman had not set a goal to do that, but rather simply got excited about what she experienced with the products and what she read online. The other interesting point was that she did not even know she had reached this high award level. She saw a post on Facebook from her sponsor congratulating her for achieving Silver, so she called her to ask what that was! The moral of the story is that she was not an overnight success, although she did become successful seemingly overnight. In listening to her story, I caught a couple of key points. She did not wait to read up on everything and study up on her vast product line, and start reading self-help books, and begin watching training videos.

She simply got excited and started sharing with all her friends,inviting them to her home and then going to her friend’s homes to talk to their friends encouraging them to hold classes for all of their friends. They got excited, shared with everyone and kept the momentum going. The bottom line is she worked diligently telling everyone because she desired to have her friends experience what she was experiencing by using the products. Because she kept it simple, others began to duplicate what she was doing, and the rest is history. Today she is at the highest award level in the company earning a small fortune every month, much of which is residual earnings because it based on personal consumption by customers who order every month.

The best strategy is start with a burst of enthusiasm and commit to massive action for the first 90 days. Make every effort to enroll 10 to 12 new members as fast as possible. This will create what is called momentum. The faster you build your business, the faster your business will grow. It becomes exciting when you build fast and excitement is contagious. When your new distributors see you excited and see you enrolling new people, they will automatically get caught up in the excitement and they will start doing what they see you doing. It is called the “monkey see, monkey do effect”, and it is one of the most powerful ways of training anyone. You are actually teaching them what to do by doing it yourself and them watching you do it inspires them to do the same thing. It is like “on the job training”. If you have enrolled a few distributors and then they see you reading the policies and procedures and studying all the literature in the sales kit and spending hours watching online videos about the product and notice you are not recruiting and hear you telling them you want to wait until you learn all about the product before getting started, they will do the same thing, and no one will be recruiting. Yes, you should read the material in the sales kit, and yes you should watch the videos explaining the products, but not during the hours you could be doing meetings, three-way phone calls, zoom webinars, one on ones, two on ones or conducting classes and enrolling new members.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier and read in the morning before you start your day. When I was in college I was working on my private pilot’s license and experienced the perfect analogy for starting a Network Marketing business. Looking back on that experience, I must say, building a successful MLM organization is similar to flying a small aircraft. At a slow speed of 40 mph you can run up and down the runway all day long and never get enough ‘lift’ on the wings to take off. But when you push the throttle to the firewall and rev up the engine to full speed and hit 60 to 70 mph and pull back on the yoke or joy stick, you are airborne. Hold the engine RPM at 2,400 (depending on the engine model), you will climb to 1,000 feet in one minute, in two minutes you are at 3,000 feet. Once at your desired altitude you can pull back the throttle and lower the engine RPM, adjust your trim control and glide along effortlessly. Building your MLM business is the same way. You need to give it all you’ve got for a short burst of the first few months. Once the excitement and momentum is established you can slow down to a more normal schedule and the business will keep growing as all of your leaders are getting their businesses off the ground.

The reason you need to enroll 10 to 12 new members as soon as possible, (all front line to you) is that you do not know which ones will take off and become business builders and start recruiting and which ones will just be comfortable being customers and consuming $100 to $200 a month in products. Out of those fist 12 people you will see some begin to enroll other members and they will express to you their desire to build the business and in some cases express their desire to make it their full-time occupation. Now if all you are going to do is enroll a few people and hope that every one of them succeeds without your help, then you are really gambling, and it would be pure luck if all of them did succeed. So, in this case you could say, wow that person was lucky, and it could possibly be true. I say possibly, because perhaps that person spend the last 30 years of their life recruiting hundreds of people, teaching, training, and mentoring these people and it all boiled down to them having six highly skilled and trained people ready to build. If this were the case then it certainly was not luck, but rather the culmination of a lifetime of teaching, training and cultivating their team.

Now if that person ran an ad in the newspaper and six people signed up and all six became successful then that would be pure luck. I will have to say that in 50 years of building large organizations in this industry I have not met anyone that succeeded by being lucky. They all worked diligently, putting in long hours. So, if there is any conclusion I could make regarding luck, it would be this… “The harder your work the luckier you’ll get!” Becoming successful in Network Marketing is not the luck of enrolling a few people and hoping they make it. Success demands being proactive and not passively waiting for things to happen; you must take action and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!


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